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When Is the Best Time to Clean Gutters?

When you first think of a spring clean or a winter spruce up, gutter cleaning might not be the first thing that springs to mind. In reality, it should be, as this task is essential for looking after the outside and inside of your property.  Knowing when to clean your gutters isn’t always easy as, let’s face it, we don’t stare up to the top of our homes every day! Unlike that chipping paint job or discoloured shower tile that makes it DIY need obvious, gutters can leave us guessing until things are too late. As gutter cleaning and home exterior experts, we know exactly when a deep clean is required. You can also be armed with this knowledge by reading this article.

When Should Gutters Be Cleaned?

Below is a list of times when you should book in a professional gutter clean:
  1. After a bad weather season. Extreme weather is set to become the norm in the UK. With the country already being used to seasons full of wind and rain; our homes will have more elements to deal with in the coming years. As bad weather conditions can cause debris such as twigs and leaves to find a home in your gutters, it is always ideal to book a clean after these seasons. We recommend cleaning in both Spring and Autumn. This ensures that any winter weather side-effects have been resolved and then prepares gutters before another blustery season.
  2. If you notice a buildup of debris or a blockage. If you notice new exterior foliage growing, which you did not intend to have, a blockage could be in place. Other signs of debris buildup include excessive water flowing from your roof when it rains and less water filtering through the guttering again during wet weather.
  3. When interior dampness starts to appear. If dampness is noticed within the home, you may suffer from blocked gutters. While it could result from other causes, it is best to eliminate this as an option by carrying out a full clean. Blocked guttering can cause dampness as the water cannot drain away completely. This means that a concentrated flow of water is being seen against the building exterior, which can soak into internal areas.
  4. If you are looking to rent out or sell your property. Unsightly blocked gutters can have a negative impact on the impression that your property makes. If you need to shine for all of the right reasons, then booking a gutter clean is a good idea. It is no different to cleaning the driveway, removing moss, or painting the outside of the home.

How Can You Clean Gutters?

If you have been putting off a gutter clean as you think its a complex task, we are thrilled to tell you that is simply not the case! Our professional gutter cleaning service is a quick and simple task which lets you remove blockages in no time at all.  Contact us today to book in your next clean.
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