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Is Moss Bad For Your Roof?

Moss removal is commonly carried out due to the unwanted look that the blanket of green provides, but is it bad for your roof? Continue reading to find out.

What Causes Moss to Build on Roofing?

Moss is a hardy coverage plant that can spread across roofs in a short space of time. All it needs to grow is moisture and plant debris, two things commonly found on roofing. From a single piece of plant debris, you could be left with a covering of moss that turns your entire roof green. What Problems Can Moss Cause?
  1.   Loose and Damaged Roof Tiles

You may not think that moss can cause damage to a robust roof tile, but we are here to confirm that it can. Whilst moss starts as a singular fungus, it can quickly spread to cover large areas. Moss also doesn’t have roots but rhizoids, which are small hair-like components that can grab tightly onto surfaces. These can weaken tiles but push them apart and impact the bonding materials.
  1.   Blocked Guttering

If you have a moss issue, you will also find that you will need to spend more on gutter maintenance. Moss on a roof is likely to break away and land in gutters, which can cause blockages. Due to the damp area that a gutter offer, moss can also spread and grow within the pipes, which causes harder to remove obstructions. Finally, birds are likely to peck at the moss as it makes a perfect nesting material. This action will also cause some of it to land in the gutters. 
  1.   Dampness

Moss has a thick coverage and high-water density, which results in dampness. Ventilation can be blocked, which often means that internal areas of the roof develop a water build-up. Alongside this, the moisture in moss can also be transferred into the internal structure of a home through the wooden beams that support the roof. What starts as an issue on the roof can quickly spread throughout the entire property.
  1.   Attract Birds and Animals

No matter how much of an animal lover you are, when animals start to use your roof as their home, it can cause other issues. Moss is a great nesting material, so you will find that birds tend to remove it for their habitats. However, if the growth is excessive, they may choose to stay within your own home to make their resting spot. Whilst the experience of having animal close by is lovely, it can cause damage to the roof and result in harder-to-remove issues. By maintaining a moss-free roof, you will ensure that birds and other animals do not damage other aspects of the property.

How Can you Remove Moss from Roofing?

Moss can be removed with complete ease when you use a professional agency. Our own moss removal service targets the plant at its root, meaning your roof remains in great condition and the chance of returning growth is minimised. Contact us to learn more.   
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