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How Do You Prevent Buildup in Gutters?

We may always joke about it, but the UK is undoubtedly a wet place to live. In 2022 alone, an average of 1,090ml of rainwater fell. While a bit of drizzle on our heads is not enough to cause a headache, unfortunately, that could be all it takes to damage our homes if the guttering is not kept clear.  How can you prevent a guttering blockage that leads to a stream of unwanted water outside your home? Check out the James Wilson Gutter Cleaning & Repair top tips below!

Top Tips For Preventing Gutter Buildups

As with any form of home maintenance, the best form of resolution is prevention. That is why keeping your gutters free of debris is so important. The best way to guarantee this is by adopting the following tips:
  1. Choose Professional Gutter Cleaning Throughout The Year. Our gutter cleaning services are popular year-round to keep pipes clear constantly. While there are ways that you could clean your gutters by yourself, the only way to truly dislodge any debris and ensure a thorough clean is with industrial tools. A professional gutter cleaning also includes a full inspection of the current pipe health. This eliminates the chance of any issues causing snags, which could lead to unwanted buildups.
  2. Install Mesh Protectors or Gutter Screens. Another method is to install guards which catch any debris. These are available in many sizes and forms, sure to be perfect for your guttering systems. You also need to keep these clean, so be sure you have a head for heights or use assistance from a professional service.
  3. Maintain Trees Around The Home. Be sure to also regularly trim any trees or bushes as this will minimise the amount of plant debris that is available to fill your gutter.
  4. Inspect Gutters After Bad Weather. It is also important to carry out extra checks or cleans if bad weather occurs. If you treat the gutters before the buildup becomes too large, you have less chance of other damage, such as cracks or sagging.

Why Is It Important To Keep Gutters Clear?

Keeping your gutters clear is an essential home maintenance process. It is crucial as clear gutters can do their job properly: to remove water from the home.  You also eliminate the chance of additional weight being housed in your gutters which can lead to external property damage when untreated. Clear gutters can also improve the curb appeal of your property, which is particularly important if you are looking to rent or sell your home.

Choose Professional Gutter Cleaning

Are you convinced that preventing gutter buildups is better than having to treat them? To book in your professional gutter clean, contact us today.
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