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Gutter Cleaning and Repair | Tiger Stripes

What Are ‘Tiger Stripes’ On My Guttering?

£36.5 billion was spent on UK home maintenance in 2022. As a nation of home lovers; we are sure you will be aware of the many costly expenses associated with looking after a property. Whilst many people spend a lot on the interior, there are also many exterior areas to maintain.  One thing that we get asked about often at James Wilson Gutter Cleaning & Repairs is what it means when tiger stripes appear on gutters. In this blog, we will tell you how this unsightly pattern can be left for the amazing animals that they are named after and not your home!

What Causes Guttering Tiger Stripes?

Tiger stripes on gutters get their name from the wide strips of discolouration that are left behind by various pollutants. When a water build-up occurs along the edge of gutter pipes, large drops of liquid are released vertically. This causes a strip of concentrated liquid that bonds with the gutter material via oxidation, leaving behind the tiger-like appearance.

How Can I Remove Tiger Stripes From Gutters?

As the effect of a tiger stripe occurs due to a reaction of the pollutant and the gutter itself, removing it requires a professional cleaning process. In the worst cases, you may even need to replace certain parts of the pipes if the effect has been left untreated for a long time. Pollutants include things like tree sap and insecticides, so removing them at their source is impossible. Instead, treating the stained area with tough cleaning solutions and the right tools is your best option for a complete clean.

Can Gutter Tiger Stripes Be Resolved?

You will be happy to know that a tough clean is not the only way to remove the striped effect from your gutters. You can implement several actions to stop the issue from developing in the first place.  Ongoing gutter maintenance is the best way to remove this zoo-like pattern, as regular cleaning keeps pollutants at bay. Should a spillage occur, the surface will be cleaned, which stops the liquids from oxidising and permanently affecting the gutter colour. A gutter clean should include the internal systems and the external area. You can also look at what liquids are causing the issue in your case and treat them individually. Should the issue be tree sap, for example, you could look at fitting gutter covers or reducing the tree coverage to ensure that this sticky substance does not have a chance to attach to gutters. Finally, when choosing your guttering, you should always choose a high-quality and durable system. Most materials should be tough against stains and marks naturally, giving you the best chance of losing the tiger stripes for good.

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