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Removing moss

What Time of Year Is Best to Remove Moss From Roof?

We know a thing or two about Moss removal at James Wilson Gutter Cleaning and Repair! Not only are our team experts in getting rid of this green nightmare, but we know first-hand how it can affect properties when left untreated. With wood rot and dampness being just two significant issues that can arise, planning when to remove your annual covering of this foliage is essential. Keep reading to learn when this should be.

When Should Roof Moss Be Removed?

The best way to tackle the moss growth problem is to get it before things escalate. Treating moss in the summer is the best time as it grows and spreads during the wet months. With sunny days becoming frequent, moss roots have the ideal conditions to attach to surfaces and start to spread out.  Another consideration is that roof and exterior cleaning is dangerous in the wet and cold months. Moss cleaning requires some pulling and moving around, so this can be impossible when the nasty weather sets in.  For best results, tackle the job before the autumn months arrive.

Why Is It Important to Remove Moss?

Although moss, like all other forms of greenery, can provide a pleasant look, it can cause more harm than good. Keeping roof moss at bay is essential for the following reasons:
  • Moss can get heavy when wet making for an unnatural weight on the roof tiles. This can cause areas to become loose and move around after some time.
  • Dampness within the home can also arise as a result of both blocked ventilation points and moisture against wooden structures.
  • Moss can also be dangerous if it falls onto the floor around the home, as it’s incredibly slippery. 
  • The conditions are also ideal for pets and insects who opt for a wet and covered hideout. This can lead to a full-blown pest issue extending beyond their initial moss-filled home.
The main summary is that if moss is left untreated, it can cause damage which costs you a lot in the longer term.

How Can You Remove Moss From a Roof?

Deciding to tackle roof moss growth and carrying out the actual removal are very different things. Due to its high placement and tough roots, you could have a serious case of the wobbling ladder if you decide to ascend your home! The best way to remove moss from a roof is to hire a professional team of experts. Not only do they have the tools needed for this task, but they also will ensure that no further damage occurs to your tiles. If too much force is applied to the area, you could find yourself with a hole in the roof which costs much more than paying for a professional moss removal service. Get in touch to find out about our moss removal experts and book your cleaning before the summer’s end.
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