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Ivy covering a house

Is Ivy Bad For Your Home?

Whilst the mythical display of Ivy on a home may look beautiful at first glance, it poses risks that could end in a costly bill. Ivy is one of the most invasive plants that can affect a property.  As experts in Ivy removal, we have seen first-hand the damage this fierce foliage can do. Why is Ivy bad for your home? Keep reading to find out!

What is Ivy?

Ivy is a self-clinging plant that is characterised by its thick stem, rich green leaves, and twirling climbing style. It grows quickly and is known for latching onto bricks and small spaces with its tough tendrils. Ivy is also an evergreen plant meaning it remains strong all year-round and only changes appearances slightly in the autumn months when it flowers.

What is the Problem with Ivy?

Although it can add a rich and full foliage covering that creates a cottage feel, Ivy can cause many issues. Unfortunately, it can damage homes, so it is often removed. Due to its never-ending climbing, Ivy can continue to spread throughout a home’s exterior. This blocks ventilation points and can lead to damage, such as brickwork becoming loose. As it works around the exterior, Ivy can also damage other property elements, such as windows, ledges, and gutters. Further damage can also be experienced to paintwork and wood cladding. The hardy attachment and thick coverage also create the perfect habitat for little critters or animals looking for a place to call home. This can lead to infestations in and around the home, which are difficult to control. The sticky surface also leaves a hard-to-remove residue which can permanently damage the look of a building. As well as the aesthetics issues, Ivy is a high-moisture level plant which can cause problems within the home, such as dampness or mould.  Finally, is that Ivy can cause allergic reactions in humans and animals.

How Can You Remove Ivy?

Ivy can be a nightmare for homeowners, so many choose to remove the plant professionally.  This should be handled carefully so as not to cause damage to other plants or the building in question. Whilst there are a few online home-removal tips and tricks, simply pulling the Ivy can lead to worse damage.  You should, therefore, always consult an Ivy removal professional if you decide that your property is becoming a victim of the powerful plant.  Our Ivy removal service is carried out by building experts who know how to maintain structural integrity when the plant has other ideas. We also treat the plant at its source to ensure that it doesn’t continue to fight back once it has been treated. Our advice is to treat things before they get too out of hand, as Ivy can quickly claim a property as its own.  As each treatment is different, it is best to consult with our team to find out how we can help you. Get in touch with us today to start fighting back against the Ivy!
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