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Why Does Moss Grow On My Roof?

Even though the vibrant green finish of moss can add a rustic feel to properties synonymous with country charm, it, unfortunately, offers a nightmare for homeowners! It takes just 38 seconds to judge a home which is why ensuring your property always has a clean finish is important. With moss being a recurring issue for properties of all ages, you will likely want to know how it takes hold in such a quick space of time. As moss removal experts, we can shed some light on this issue! Keep reading to learn more.

What Causes Moss to Grow on a Roof?

Even the cleanest of newly built roofs can become home to unwanted moss. The main cause of moss is debris being left behind due to windy weather or animals moving it around. The flat surface and many crevices on a roof make the perfect conditions for growth, as the tough roots can take hold quickly.  Moss also needs moisture to grow, which is often available on the top of a home. That, combined with sunlight exposure, offers the ideal breeding ground for moss to spread. Roofs are also not cleaned often as they are impossible to reach with a tall ladder and a set of steady legs! This means that moss is more likely to grow as it’s given a chance to develop.

Can I Leave Moss on My Roof?

Some people love the look of moss, so leaving it behind is a popular choice. Unfortunately, this can result in many forms of damage, which means your roof may need to be replaced!  Suppose you love the look of this green covering. In that case, you should factor in other measures such as additional interior roof lining, regular tile of thatch maintenance, and cleaning of other areas such as gutters to ensure efficient water removal.

Does Moss on a Roof Cause Damage?

Yes, it can! Moss may look lovely, natural and light, but it is a heavy, dense mass that puts pressure on roofing materials. The high moisture levels also mean that dampness is a huge problem, with interior mould and exterior drainage being issues by proxy.  The roots of moss are also incredibly hardy, which means that visual damage can occur, including staining and discolouration of roof materials.  When all of these issues are combined, you can have an expensive problem.

Can I Stop Moss From Growing on a Roof?

Eliminating moss completely is a hard task, but there are things you can do to prevent excessive growth. Our top tips are as follows:
  1. Book regular moss cleaning and always have your roof treated before the start of a wet season.
  2. Remove moss at any time of the year if you notice a new patch forming. This annoyance can spread quickly, so treating it rapidly is your best option.
  3. Undertake gutter cleaning to ensure that moisture can travel away from the roof.
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