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How Often Should You Have Your Gutters Cleaned?

Even though the average Brit cleans their home six days a year, there are still some jobs that a professional should complete. Gutter cleaning is one of these tasks, as if not carried out properly, damage to a property could be irreparable. Just like getting the car serviced or having a regular vaccination, gutter cleaning requires a schedule to be kept each year. How often should a gutter clean be carried out? Continue reading to find out.

How Often Should Gutter Cleaning Take Place?

We recommend doing a gutter clean twice a year as a standard rule. This considers the various seasonal influences that cause gutters to become clogged. For the best results, a spring and Autumn clean is ideal as it will resolve any issues experienced during the more extreme weather months for the UK. In some cases, you may want to book cleaning more regularly. This could be because of extreme weather, building work on a property, or if you live near trees that often drop debris into the gutter systems.  When you are ready to book your gutter clean, click here to reserve your spot.

What Causes Gutters to Need Cleaning?

The purpose of gutters is to allow rainwater to flow away from a property completely. If this doesn’t happen, issues such as dampness, flooding, and damage to the exterior of the building can occur.

If only water flowed down the guttering, the problems would not be as bad as they are. But, the reality is that debris from trees, birds, animals, and wind and dirt from the rain can often end up in pipes. Over time, this can build up to cause significant blockages, putting pressure on the guttering systems. These all-natural events cannot be stopped, so regular cleans are essential. Even properties with nets within their gutters can still experience clogged pipes, meaning no one can escape this problem.

How are Gutters Cleaned?

Due to the size and complexity of guttering, professional cleans are recommended. The process involves clearing out any significant blockages from the roof gutter to ensure the water can flow easily across this line. Industrial water pressure systems are then used to clear out the remaining blockages. This is done gradually with varying degrees of pressure, as too much compression against a backup could cause the pipe to become damaged. Our team also uses various other tools to clear gutters and clean up the completely.

What are the Benefits of Gutter Cleaning?

  • Improved look to the exterior of the house as debris and plant build-ups can be unsightly.
  • Less chance of homes suffering from internal dampness or mould.
  • Gutter systems are put under less pressure when extreme weather occurs, reducing the chance of damage.
  • Water can drain away completely, meaning that flooding in or around the property is eliminated.
  • Regular cleaning is also more cost-effective as less time is needed to ensure a thorough cleaning.
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