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5 Signs Your Guttering Is Clogged

Are you on top of your gutter cleaning? If not, you may be experiencing some issues within the home resulting from clogged-up systems.

Gutters are an essential component of keeping your home dry and damp-free. They offer a way for water to escape, which in the UK, is vitally important!

What signs should you be looking for? Continue reading to find out.

Why Should Gutters Be Kept Clean?

Paying for gutter cleaning may not be your priority as a homeowner, but we are here to tell you that it should be high on the list. 

You should keep your gutters clean for the following reasons:

  • Blocked pipes can cause dampness which can affect the structure of a building and cause internal mould to accumulate.
  • Guttering that has blockages can also become heavy and cause other structural damage.
  • The exterior aesthetic is one of the factors that contribute to the value of a home. If compromised due to messy gutters, the value could be lowered. 
  • Flooding can also occur in and outside of the home if water cannot drain properly.

What Are the Signs of a Blocked Gutter?

Animals Are Nesting – If you notice birds or rodents have set up camp in your guttering, it means there is an accumulation of habitable waste. They also offer the ideal spot as the water build-up provides them with a source of hydration.

As long as it is to have animals close-by, we are sure you would prefer them to be in a nesting box or tree where they cannot cause damage to the property.

Dampness In the Home – Rectifying dampness can be a costly and time-intensive activity. Dampness can also lead to mould, which also impacts the health of the residents. It also has an unsightly appearance that could damage others in the home.

If damp spots, particularly around the exterior of walls or on ceilings, have appeared, you could have a blocked gutter.

Damage to the Guttering Structure – Another sign to look for is any breaks, sags, or cracks on your guttering.

Gutter pipes are constructed from resistant materials that should stand the test of time. If they are showing signs of being compromised, they are likely dealing with the additional weight that is not expected.

Water Flowing Over the Edge – If every time it rains, your property has an added waterfall feature; it is a clear sign that your gutters are not dealing with the flow properly. Only in extremely heavy rain should water cascade over the side of a gutter, not with every drizzle.

Plant Growth – Due to the wet area, plants and greenery can start to form in blocked gutters. If you notice an unwanted bloom, it is time to get your gutters cleaned.

Do You Need a Professional Gutter Clean?

Our team of gutter clearing experts are on-hand to solve any issues in a timely manner. Thanks to their additional contractor knowledge, all work is carried out with the building’s structural integrity in mind.

To find out more, contact us.

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