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Does Moss Damage Roof Tiles?

While moss may have an earthy, rustic appearance which gives homes character, it is actually a nightmare for homeowners across the country. Want to know why? Continue reading.

How Can Moss Damage Roof Tiles?


Moss has a vibrant green hue, which, overtime, can stain tiles, no matter their original tone. Not only does the colour transfer, but the fact that air cannot reach the surface also means that the tiles cannot oxidise like other unaffected parts. 

Furthermore, moss is also known for being a highly dense material that can retail water. Water damage also causes tiles to discolour to the point that replacing some of the roofs is the only way to resolve it.

Loosen the Structure

Another way that moss damages roof tiles is due to their roots, which are called rhizoids. Unlike other plant roots that just go straight into the ground, these rhizoids have tiny hair-like structures that grab onto their surface. 

This is one of the reasons that moss is so hard to remove! The roots also curve around different areas, meaning the humble roof tile offers the perfect surface for moss to latch onto. 

Over time, this can loosen the tiles by attaching the cementing material.

Block Drainage Points

Roof tiles can also commonly be water damaged due to moss as it creates a thick coverage that blocks drainage points. This means air cannot flow where it needs to, causing moisture build-up. 

Once this gets inside the roof structure, it can cause wood rot and other damage, which are costly to rectify.

The blockage of drainage points also means that mould and mildew are more likely to build up inside the property, leading to many other problems.

Reduce Lifespan

All of the points mentioned above will ultimately lead to a reduction in the roof’s lifespan, which means a very costly replacement before it would have otherwise been needed. 

This is not just due to the deterioration caused by the moss itself but the intense cleaning required to remove the unwanted annoyance. Although we have mentioned that a gentle cleaning is ideal, some force is still needed to remove moss. Every time that takes place, there is more of a chance of the tiles becoming loose and not lasting as long as they should.

Can You Safely Remove Moss?

You can, but it is always recommended that you bring in a professional to undertake the task so that damage does not occur. 

The best method involves using a gentle rake brush to remove most of the moss. A gentle stream of water can then be used to remove the rest of the debris as long as it is aimed toward the tiles. Some people also choose to use a moss killer, but you should be careful with this as it can pollute surrounding areas. 

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