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What Is The Best Way To Remove Moss From Your Roof?

If your roof is starting to look greener than the colour it should be, it is time to tackle the task of moss removal Moss itself is relatively easy to remove, but it becomes much more daunting when you factor in the logistics of tackling the task 30ft high! If you want to tackle your moss issue without risking your safety, keep reading to learn how. 

Why Does Moss Grow on Roofs?

Moss commonly grows on roofs as the damp location offers the perfect breeding ground to spread. Often started by the single transfer of a moss particle, the fungus grows perfectly on roofs due to the flat surface and texture which it can grab onto.

How to Remove Moss from Your Roof?

When it comes to moving the moss from your property you have two options: get braced for some altitude DIY or call in a professional.

Home Solutions for Moss Removal

You will need to be careful not to damage the tiles or structure of your roof, so the best way to achieve this is by using a stiff brush and targeted treatment. You can also use this with moss-removal chemicals and treat each section gently. When choosing the best cleaning solution, we recommend that you choose one which is not harmful to animals or humans. A trowel can lift certain spots if you have a close enough vantage point. You may be tempted to use a pressure washer or a hose with a directional attachment, but this could damage the tiles. Whilst they are firmly in place, any unusual impacts could result in elements becoming loose, leading to a much wider problem. You can, however, use a steady flow of water instead and always ensure it is used in a downward motion to replicate the tiles. So that you can get a good position, ladders and scaffolding should be used. This will need to be professionally installed for the safest way to manage the task.

Choose a Professional Moss Removal Service

Another option is to bring in experts who can quickly and safely remove all moss. Using state-of-the-art equipment, they will also ensure the moss doesn’t return and help you find ways to keep the green monster at bay. You can find out more about the James Wilson Gutter Cleaning & Repair service by clicking here.

Why Should You Remove Moss from Roofs?

Even if you like moss’s earthy texture, it can damage your property. Some of the reasons that you should remove moss are as follows:
  •   Due to its high-moisture levels and thick coverage, moss can cause damp within the home.
  •   Moss can also result in blocked gutters which means that water cannot be transported effectively away from a building.
  •   The hardy plant can also cause tiles to become loose over time.
Contact us today to find out more about moss removal and how to keep this fast-growing plant at bay.  
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