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The 5 Most Common Problems with Guttering

Have you started to experience damp in the home, flooding, or even greenery growth on your roof? If so, it sounds like you have become victim to a guttering nightmare! Whilst gutter maintenance may not be the first thing that springs to mind when considering home spending, we can assure you that it should be high on the list. As experts in gutter cleaning, we know exactly how to treat the following annoyances so be sure to book in your treatments if any of these common problems sound familiar to you.

What are the Most Common Issues with Gutters?

Our experts have listed the top 5 most common issues with guttering below:

Blocked Guttering

Even though gutters are designed to transport water, they can easily catch other items which cause blockages to occur. On windy days you will find that leaves, twigs, and even minor debris items can be delivered straight to your gutters. There is also the fact that rainwater is not clean; over time, small particles of dust and dirt can clump together to create obstacles. The weather its not the only reason for blockages, as birds, animals and inspects often like to use gutters as a place to call home. When water cannot drain away from the building properly, dampness is likely to occur as water is concentrated in areas that it should not be. With a professional gutter clean, this can be treated easily. Thanks to professional tools and varying levels of water pressure usage, blockages can be removed without damage occurring.

Cracked or Damaged Gutters

If you have a blocked gutter, it is common for cracks to occur when the weather gets colder. This is because water stuck in the gutters expands when frozen and applies pressure to the system. Damage can also occur because of flying debris or even from building work. In this case, the affected area should be replaced rapidly to ensure optimal usage.

Plant Growth in Guttering

The damp nature of gutters makes for perfect plant and moss growth. If gutters are not cleaned regularly, small seeds can become established growths. These are then trickier to remove than your common blockage. They also attract birds and small animals as they offer the perfect nesting environment meaning you could end up with a larger issue.

Sagging Gutters

Another common problem which indicates your guttering is overdue a clean is when it starts to sag. Showing that the internal weight is more than just a flow of water; this can be seen as guttering coming away from the brackets and starting to bow in its formation. If sagging remains too long, it can cause pressure on the wider guttering pipes and the building’s external walls, causing more damage. Regular gutter cleaning eliminates this issue.

Inadequate guttering set-ups

If work is done in a hurry or not in line with building regulations, the wrong materials can be used. If your guttering is not first for purpose, the entire system can fail. The correct gutters should always be used for the building in question. 
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