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Can Blocked Gutters Cause Damp?

Have you noticed some unwanted dark patches start to appear on your ceilings or interior walls? If so, it sounds like you have a damp problem!

This annoying issue is something that many people deal with every year, with around 904,000 UK homes suffering from damp spots. Whilst there are many causes of dampness in the home, including leaky brickwork, failed wet proofing, and leaking internal water, one of the main reasons is blocked guttering. 

If moisture in the home has dampened your mood, keep reading to learn how the James Wilson Gutter Cleaning & Repair team can dry up the issue for good.

How Does Blocked Guttering Cause Damp?

You may be wondering how debris in the guttering can cause a damp build-up in the home. The reason is that the water cannot flow away correctly when things obstruct your pipes. 

This means that not only does the water settle around unwanted spots, but the moisture levels within the debris itself can leak through to the interior walls. With water flowing outside of the guttering as it cannot pass through, there is a high chance that it will begin to weaken the structure around the pipes. 

Blocked gutters are also prone to cracking due to the pressure being forced upon them. This will also cause dampness within the home as the leaking area will send a concentrated water channel through every time it rains.

Why Is Damp Dangerous?

Damp is unsightly and hazardous if left to spread for any length of time. 

The spores produced by the moisture levels created by dampness can damage human and pet health. As well as spreading a toxic substance which can lead to toxicity in the worst scenarios, side effects can also cause exacerbation of allergies and skin irritation.

Your home can also be affected in multiple ways. When dampness occurs, it signifies a source of water that should not be there. This can lead to the loosening of brickwork and damage to rendering. From an aesthetic perspective, it likely means that re-decoration must occur, with the side effects causing marked paint and peeling to wallpaper.

Dampness can be dangerous to your health and bank balance, with neither ideal!

How Should You Treat Damp Caused By Blocked Gutters?

As soon as you expect that a blocked gutter is causing dampness within your home, you should book a professional gutter cleaner. Our service involves a full inspection of the guttering and a complete clean to ensure that any debris is removed. Without treating the issue at its source, you cannot remove the internal moisture. 

Once your guttering is cleared and normal water flow has been restored, it is time to treat the dampness. To do this, you must dry out the affected area fully. Industrial dryers and a flow of air should achieve this. The area should then be deep cleaned to ensure that no spores remain. 

If you have a damp issue getting you down, contact us today. 

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