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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Gutters

Gutters are essential for maintaining a home’s long-term health and structural integrity. When becoming a homeowner, we doubt that the top of your list of things to look after is guttering (unless you have experienced an issue in the past!). 

Whilst you may have yet to consider the importance of maintaining your gutters, we are here to tell you just how crucial the task is.

Responsible for water management, guttering must be kept clear to ensure that water can flow freely without any obstruction. If they are not managed correctly, you could become a victim of damp, unsightly overgrowths, and water damage, which all affect the value of your home. 

Check out James Wilson’s top tips for maintaining gutters below.

Top 5 Ways to Look After Gutters

  1.   Invest in Regular Gutter Cleaning from Professionals

Top of our list, and perhaps the most important, is investing in professional gutter cleans at least twice yearly. 

Only state-of-the-art, high-powered equipment will be able to remove blockages altogether. A guttering professional will also be able to clean without any other damage, which is important for maintaining robust gutter systems. 

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  1.   Maintain the Health of Any Tall Trees

One of the main causes of gutter blockages is debris from trees. If you have tall trees standing over or around your home, you will find that build-ups of leaves, pine needles, and twigs are common.

If you don’t want to remove the trees, you should ensure they are kept in optimal health so they don’t lose more foliage than they would naturally. If a tree suffers from rot, it will be more likely to shed more often, meaning that close gutters become blocked.

  1.   Check for Cracks and Breaks Regularly

Part of your regular home checks should be looking at the quality of gutters.

Whilst guttering is designed to be robust, it is still susceptible to damage. If you have had any extreme weather, such as frosts or high winds, it is a good idea to give the guttering a once-over. By maintaining the pipes’ health, the functionality they need to serve is also preserved.

  1.   Install a Gutter Cover

These may not be suitable for every type of guttering, but they are widely available.

Often in the form of a simple mesh panel, these covers prevent lots of large items being caught in the gutter pipes. These will still need to be cleared but your chosen professionals can do that during the clean.

  1.   Encourage Wildlife Away from the Guttering

Whilst you cannot stop birds or animals from choosing to spend time in your gutters, having special places for them in your wider garden will give them a better option to choose from.

Try tempting them away with nesting boxes and bug houses to offer a more desirable option.

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