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Why Do My Gutters Overflow in Heavy Rain?

Nothing is worse than when the peaceful flow of heavy rain turns into a sheet of water flooding areas of your property! Unfortunately, this is an issue many people commonly deal with due to faulty gutters. 

Why is it more noticeable when the rain is heavy? Keep reading to find out.

What Are the Reasons for Overflowing Gutters During Heavy Rain?

The purpose of gutters is to move water away from a building in a controlled manner. If there is any blockage, then this is not possible, resulting in overflowing water. 

You may not always notice when this has started to occur, as it may be mistaken for a flow of rain. However, when heavy rain sets in, and gutters are put under maximum pressure, you will see that something doesn’t look quite right.

Some main reasons for blockage include fallen plant debris, animal nests or broken gutter pipes. If left untreated, the gutters will likely start to malfunction even more, and issues such as interior dampness and mould will start to rear their ugly heads.

You may also find that gutters overflow when we experience heavy rain if they are too small, in order words not fit for purpose. Other installation issues that could cause this include incorrect tilts and gutters that have been knocked out of place.

How Can Gutter Overflows Be Resolved?

Any gutter problem can be resolved; you just need to catch it early enough to avoid expensive damage. 

If it is the case of a simple blockage, you can book a gutter clean to get rid of the issue and provide a thorough cleansing of the pipes. A professional should always do this so as not to cause any long-lasting damage. 

Should the overflow result from damage, you will need to replace the broken component; otherwise, the rest of the system is put under immense pressure. 

How Often Should Gutters Be Cleaned to Eliminate Overflow?

Even if you have resolved the issue of an overflowing gutter once, chances are it will come back for the same reasons. 

To eliminate the chance of debris filling the gutter, we recommend you book a professional clean at least twice a year. This should be done in the Spring and Autumn to resolve any extreme weather issues. 

You should always book another session if you notice a blockage or break between cleans. You may also want to book additional cleans if there is extreme weather at any point of the year, as that can cause blockages to appear quickly. 

Book a Professional Gutter Clean

Is your overflowing gutter causing you a headache everytime it rains?

It is always best to book in a professional clean as that offers the best chances of success. By using state-of-the-art tools and powerful cleaning solutions we can ensure that blockages are removed and pipes are left in brilliant condition. 

Contact us to book your next clean.